Home values increase 9.5 percent in Maryland – Baltimore Sun

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  My1stHomeRebate.com can help!  Natalie Sherman Contact Reporter The Baltimore Sun Baltimore County has highest increase in home tax assessments in the region, up 10.9 percent Residential property tax assessments throughout the region are on the upswing, with the strongest gains in Baltimore County and slower growth in Harford County and the city, according to the latest…

Home Buying Process Episode 2 Mortgage Lending 101

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STEP 2 Mortgage Lending 101 Unless you have a boatload of cash under your mattress, buying a home usually costs more money than you currently have. First, you’ll need a competitively-priced loan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEbiQiwLx3I Check out the awesome RENT vs, BUY calculator The Federal Tax Rebate is gone. Home prices are increasing. Buyers are being squeezed….

After Ten Years Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rate – Links, Video, What It Means

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Even with rising rates, My1stHomeRebate.com is here for you. Here are some leading articles about the rate hike as well as a couple of videos detailing what this means for the consumer and the housing market. PLUS – You need to check out the world’s best RENT vs. BUY calculator located  here: RENT vs BUY CALCULATOR Bloomberg…

REALTOR.com Affordable Housing: WAKE UP AMERICA!


“Wake up, local leaders. Yes, you finally have experienced strong economic growth, but that growth is causing some of this problem. But more important, your future growth will be threatened if the workforce that enables the economic growth can no longer afford to live or even commute to your jobs. The local problems are widespread, but some…

Renters, Break Out Your Hankies: Homeowners Will Build Serious Wealth (and You Won’t)

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By Lisa Davis 4:00 pm ET October 27, 2015 The news has been a little grim of late for renters. Homeownership is at all-time lows and, with rising prices and tight credit, the path to the American dream is likely to stay rocky and steep. Which means more competition for renters. Which means higher prices….