Affordable Housing: WAKE UP AMERICA!

affordablejpg-9484a410cc45da9c“Wake up, local leaders. Yes, you finally have experienced strong economic growth, but that growth is causing some of this problem. But more important, your future growth will be threatened if the workforce that enables the economic growth can no longer afford to live or even commute to your jobs.

The local problems are widespread, but some big markets have an even larger share of renters experiencing even bigger increases in rents. Leaders in Seattle, Denver, San Jose, Chicago, and Washington, DC, especially need to pay attention. Your workers are the canaries in our coal mine.”


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Chris Weymouth, Director/CEO

The Weymouth Group of Keller Williams Realty Centre


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  1. Hi Jodi:The number of options you have depends upon when in 2014 your bankruptcy was discharged. Either way, it’s something we can look into and go over with you. I’m going to have someone reach out.Thanks,Kevin Graham

  2. My fiance & I are interested in buying a home in PA. We have already been approved for a mortgage through a credit union but cannot come up with the downpayment due to a percentage being too high. Please help.

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